Tea For Harmony

In order to enrich and develop global tea culture and actively promote contemporary Chinese tea culture, tea industry, and tea techniques, a series of events are planned to take place in the United States from May 21 to May 25, 2024.

Using tea as a medium, the aim of the tour is to strengthen cultural exchange activities, promote distinct regional culture and tourism, and showcase Chinese people’s lifestyle and aesthetic concepts to the world.

The fact that Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya’s Nakuru County played host to the movies The Lion King and Tomb Raider 2 has made the park famous worldwide. 

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures will burgeon into a new growth opportunity for China’s medical aesthetics industry, with noninvasive aesthetic techniques increasingly favored by beauty enthusiasts amid advanced regulations, said experts.

China’s medical aesthetics industry is undergoing quality upgrades and embarking on the path of high-quality development, with consumers increasingly pursuing self-improvement amid intensified industry competition and heightened regulatory efforts, officials and industry experts said.

As US hip-hop music combines with Chinese content and culture, the emerging form of Chinese rap is becoming popular in China and the United States. Hip-hop, a highly popular music genre in the US, predominantly appeals to young people.

What was the man holding? This is an inevitable question for anyone who has ever looked up to the famous bronze standing man, unearthed from a pit in Sanxingdui, an archaeological site located in Guanghan city, southwestern China’s Sichuan province.

Zhao Shiwei and his team have bred and rescued more than 200 red-crowned cranes and released them into the wild after ensuring they will be able to survive in the wild.